Joseph Padiernos is a Filipino photographer based in New York City. An avid traveler, his work embodies much of what he experiences during his travels as he brings a fresh look at the world around him through his camera lens. Joseph has over 10 years of photographic experience and specializes in a wide range of photography styles including travel, lifestyle and wedding photography. 

     Born in the Philippines and raised in Manila, Joseph Padiernos has always been passionate about helping those around him. He turned this passion into a career in the medical profession. As a skilled RN, Joseph provides acute care for hundreds of patients every year and is dedicated to helping them to heal and become healthy again. 

     Although the nursing profession is stressful and fast paced, Joseph likes to use photography as a medium to release this stress and become one with the world around him. From traveling the world and documenting his travels through his photography, to taking adventurous hikes in the wilderness, he is exposed to a limitless array of inspiration for his craft.

     Joseph is open to travel at any time for any photography assignments. To learn more about Joseph or to schedule your next event, contact him here.