Teshima Art Museum


One of my main Itinerary in traveling to Japan is going to this Museum. I just randomly saw this in my Instagram feed, and from that point I said, definitely gonna research and visit this place. 

Being that my starting point of my whole Japan trip is Kyoto, I was a little bit closer to the Museum rather than starting from Tokyo. I captured the map from http://benesse-artsite.jp/en/access/ for reference.

From Kyoto, it takes an hour via Shinkansen(Train no 493) to Okayama. 

From Okayama station, you would need to take a bus that will take you to Uno port. The ride was is roughly about 45mins....


...but due to language barrier, the bus counter lady in Okayama station somehow pointed us on the wrong bus and ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Although we're heading south and towards Uno port, we only realized we are on the wrong bus because the bus driver was asking us to get off because it was the last stop and he has to turn around. I tried talking to him and even trying to use Google translate, but it was not effective. I said "Taxi?" and he just laughed because WE ARE REALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. We ended up taking the bus again and turned around until we reached a more civilized area, where we hoped to take the correct bus. 


Got off here, and got on to the correct bus to Uno port. 


My target time to Uno port was 10am but due to getting lost, ended up at 12pm and the next ferry to Teshima Island will leave at 1pm. So I took the time to go around and look for food, and maybe take photos too. 

Ate at local shop, found out it's a 3rd generation mom and pop shop!

Ate at local shop, found out it's a 3rd generation mom and pop shop!

Jumping forward, we made it to Teshima Island, it felt really isolated, yet, peaceful. 

From Teshima - Kerato port, it's a 20mins walk to Teshima Art Museum (FINALLY)


Upon arriving and buying our tickets, first and foremost thing the concierge told me was "No photography inside is allowed" In my head, "I traveled all the way here, with all photo ideas and I can't do it?" 

After walking in the main area, I realized why they restrict photography, aside from it's an art piece, it's really quiet and peaceful inside and a shutter click would really alter the "zen"

Luckily, I have my back up camera, Fuji X100s, that could go to complete silence, and was able to sneak some photos. Because my main camera and iphone were asked to be placed on a special bag, so I can't use it. 

Probably stayed inside for about 2 hours, and enjoyed the peacefulness that you can experience. You can literally hear the wind, the ocean waves, and water drops, basically a good meditation place. 

Would I come back again? DEFINITELY YES! (but next time, won't get lost anymore)


All photos taken with 

Fujifilm XPRO 2 

Fujifilm X100s

Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4

Fujinon XF 56mm 1.2

Fujinon XF 16mm 1.4

Fujinon XF 10-24 4.0